Suhail is what the ancient beduins called the brightest giants in the Southern Hemisphere that were used for navigation at night. Today, this name is exclusively carried by the orange colored Lambda Velorum, the third-brightest star in the sky, with a radius 207 times that of the Sun.

Stars this massive also tell another story  – that they have reached the limit of their full evolution and are just about to explode. Imagining this amazing release of accumulated energy, symbolizes to us the power of knowledge that comes out of maturity and wisdom.

Suhail is the guiding premise for our publishing company, for although small in size, it is large in spirit. Through our books, media projects and creative concepts we want to shed some (star)light on the qualities of the natural order of the wonderous world that we live in – diversity, abundance, interdependence and harmony. We look for and promote these holistic qualities whether we talk about lifestyle, health, food, environment, art or culture. In everything we do, we simply let Life, that brightest star, shine through.

Our first book is Orient Expressed- a raw food journey to the Levant and beyond.



Orient Expressed book is now available on Bokus and Adlibris