Suhail Publishing featured on the portal of the Bosnian Ministry of Human Rights

Very grateful that Suhail Publishing and Orient Expressed were chosen to be featured as a success story by the Bosnian Ministry of Human Rights! Here is the link to the article:

Moroccan Citrus Salad

Here is a recipe for an incredibly fresh, zesty, traditional citrus Moroccan salad from my book Orient Expressed that is perfect for lunch or dinner during these hot summer days. If it is to difficult to supreme the citrus fruit,… Read More

Orient Expressed featured in The Guide Istanbul!

It is a true honor and joy for me to be featured in a magazine that I’m a big fan of  –  The Istanbul Guide. This magazine gives you Istanbul and all its gems in their finest, most appetizing edition! Much… Read More

Herbalicious Pea Soup

Here is one more fresh, delish and moreish recipe from Orient Expressed. It is packed with easily absorbable plant protein that comes from green peas and it takes minutes to prepare. This is my sister’s favorite soup –… Read More

Sage Lemonade

Here is another excerpt and an easy, yet incredibly healthy recipe from Orient Expressed. It tells the story about sage, which is one of one of the oldest and most intriguing herbs in existence. The recipe for Sage… Read More


If you ask me what my absolute favorite dessert in the whole world is, I will say North African Deglet Noor date, commonly known as the “queen of all dates”. It has a soft touch, translucent light color and… Read More

A cup of liquid gold

There is nothing quite like turmeric latte or tea to boost your immunity and keep you fit as a fiddle during these long winter months. Here is yet another recipe from Orient Expressed by Dr.Sana Heco and a story… Read More

Radical Indulgence

This is an excerpt from Orient Expressed – it is about how to eat, socialize and enjoy life. The Bosnian way….  

Hazelnut Pudding with Yacon Syrup

In honor of the fact that our book “Orient Expressed” is now printed and safely delivered to us, I will post another delactable recipe from it. It is inspired by a Turkish dessert that I had the food… Read More

Bright Orange Quince Juice

Here is yet another excerpt and recipe from our book  Orient Expressed. It involves one of the amazing fruits of the fall season that can last throughout the whole winter – quince. ”My earliest memory of quinces is… Read More

Sweet recipe from Orient Expressed – Gajaar Halva

This is the excerpt for your very first post.